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Thursday, 8 December 2011


3 strands to the Media presence on CAEve: screenings (Britney, ThrewIt etc); rough cuts for feedback; and filming/editing a new vid for Alice Cooper's classic School's Out

FEEDBACK: you MUST prepare specific Qs to ask, and should really consider two alternate cuts to help demonstrate an aspect you're not sure about. Brief is good, not a bad thing: if you've only got 30-60secs that means a parent could conceivably look at more than one and give feedback. Consider a very simple feedback form (provide pens!!!), eg:
Please circle the appropriate descriptor; this is anonymous - we don't need your name!
AGE <15  15-20 21-30 31-40 40+
Did you recognise the artist/band?  Y  N
Did you recognise the track?           Y  N
Are you a fan of this type of music?  Y  N
What did you most like about this sample scene?
What did you least like about this sample scene?
Any other comments/suggestions?
Be clear on what you want to get from the feedback.

ALICE COOPER VID: We're aiming to shoot bits of this from friday to weds, and on the night entice visitors to be filmed lipsynching a line from the track and maybe, just maybe, premiere the resulting weirdness on the night (which runs 7-9pm Weds 14th December) - if not, wrap up the next day
There's no fixed idea for this, nor an original vid to copy, but here's the basic idea:
Instrumental sections can be snapshots of the many things going on (Art + Photography exhibition/installation - some neat artefacts to film round; fashion shoot; Music and Drama performances, and even just the posters on corridor walls etc), and bits of this can be intercut in brief gaps between lip synch shots.
The pics give you an idea of ACs stage look: usually a top hat, cane, long black hair, long black coat. These aspects we should be able to reflect; the eye make up is doable for anything shot before Weds eve, but it'd be a bit much to use this on the night. Ditto the snake ... but I've checked with Dr Smith in Biology and there is a very passive we could use (again, obviously, not on the night itself!)
Each Alice can perform as they wish - they'll have the lyrics and can move, gesture as they wish; the only direction needed is on accurate lipsynching and to try and look scary!!!
Will Spivey is the principle cameraman for this; we could do with an editor, perhaps a member of a group thats already attending for feedback?
I'd like to film as many of the C.Arts staff that agree to it as Alice - so far we've got the top hat, and wig + coat + cane are hopefully coming in tomorrow. Conor is filming a Yr7 Music class on friday for the last chorus, in which kids join in the vocals (plus laughter) - anyone else who can film bits between now and Weds, or can edit on the night, let me know...

This is the audio version I've taken the timings from (lyrics it shows are inaccurate)

Here's a TV performance of the track, where you can get a sense of how Alice moves around stage:

And here it is live (AC in white this time):

Here's an example of students elsewhere producing a version - as ever, I'm confident, even in a short timeframe, we can produce a far superior version!

Here's the lyrics with timings:
Alice Cooper - Schools Out - Timed Lyrics                                                                                                   
I'll update as we go...

FRIDAY: Conor filmed EM's Yr7 class (L26-28); single angle (LS) only, tho 3 takes
MONDAY: To film Mr Clarke (L22-24) and Art class (L25-28 + L33); then Mrs Mortimer (L15-18 + air guitar if she wants!); then Mrs Bolton (L12-14; L14 with some kids if poss). Aim for min 3 angles.

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