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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

AUDIENCE CONVERGENCE Carly Rae Jepson controlled by audience emoticons

This is nothing new - I blogged on interactive videos at least a couple of years back - but it is a high profile, mainstream example with the considerable muscle of Universal Music behind it.

This musing, incidentally, is brought to you as a DJ scratches hip hop fusions with his decks wired through a modest little 11" Macbook. They're overpriced, but if you're a media creative they remain THE choice.

Back to Carly... A simple question for you to consider: how far are we from music videos taking on the true interactivity of video games?

There's a WORLD of difference between interactivity limited by the range of footage shot and coding of an instruction set, and MMUs which truly warp, weft and breathe a life beyond anything designed by their huge teams of designers and coders.

While I'm on this point, let's call out the supposed fan interaction of social media, the vast bulk of which is created by hired hands, not the artist/s whose name adorns the Twitter, Instagram, OtherFad sites with their legion of followers suspending disbelief to feel some fragment of frission at this link with their heroes.

I'm overdue checking back into the Little Monster universe, see how Gaga's mighty facade is holding up.
Here's the link to read more about and view the Jepsen video:

The video is basically an advanced data-gathering tool, boosting Universal's chances of further monetising YOU!
Try it for yourself...

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