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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Getting hip to vox pops

Terrible title I know...but worse is to follow... (some vids will be added in due course)

A quick run through of some lessons from the 1st batch of vox popping with an AS group:

CHECK TAPE!!!! Record and upload some test footage (new tape should be fine, but rem that dirty heads can also cause damaged recording)

FRAMING – (a) for this task start again if someone else comes into frame! (may not be possible on IFEST Day!) (b) Be more tightly framed on subject

DIRECT! – you are the director so give direction! Be considerate (many get nervous when faced with a camera) BUT ensure you avoid (a) subject looking down, especially to read off paper!!! and (b) subject rambling – interject, ask politely if s/he could re-try that being a little bit briefer… (c) SHUT UP!!! Be careful with any verbal response; unless you intend your voice to be heard, use NVC (eg nod head) rather than ‘mmm hmmm’ etc! Don’t pass wind, start playing the cymbals etc

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