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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

TASK 4: Initial Cs+Cs

This is something we will return to frequently: a consideration of the diverse Codes + Conventions [which I typically shorten to 'Cs+Cs'] of music videos. This does not mean rules, but common elements seen in videos.
Furthermore, the Media Language used will be heavily influenced by two considerations:
You can use this sheet to help organise and keep your notes together; as time goes on you may find yourself thinking of examples at odd times and places, and this should help to pull together any scraps of paper you may have noted these on! There will be a separate, much more detailed, framework issued later for analysing particular videos.

The actual task here is to make a start brainstorming some examples of things you often see in music videos (Cs+Cs) and, if you can, thinking of an actual example to back this up.
If you think back to the AS coursework, you may remember how useful it was (to those of you who did!) to have taken detailed notes from your classmates' examples, and any that I bring up - this will help you avoid having to work all this out again on your own in a few months time!

12C have made a start with this; the 1st point we raised was the expectation of fast-paced editing; short takes, often cut to the beat (or to a guitar riff). We looked at an example of this: thrash metal band Megadeth's Peace Sells ... But Who's Buying (see it on YouTube - note: contains flashing images)

Common Codes n Conventions of Music Videos Basic 2col Notes Sheet                                                            

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