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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

TASK 6: Complete Denotation

Having worked through the opening 9 shots together now you'll each be assigned a section of the video to work through and denote. We will then pull it all together so everyone has a complete shot-by-shot breakdown of the entire video.
[Obviously I changed from the following idea!] Before that though (and for anyone working ahead this could work well...) I'd like you to count the number of shots in the entire video (repeated shots count every time they're used). Once done, write it down and bring it up. Whoever gets it right first can pick which section of the Britney vid they want to work on (or if they want to work on the Media-doc to go with this)...

I've assigned you each 20secs of footage to cover, in sequence, starting with Lucy working through the shots from 0:20-0:39 and ending with Emma denoting the shots from 3:40-3:56 (220-236 secs in). Its important you do this in good detail - I'll post a completed breakdown of the opening 19secs (actually 11 shots) with Task 5.
Note: I've not asked you to find the shots within your location and denote these; we all need a complete shotlist from which we can then break down the particular shots in each location, so you've been asked to take a section each in chronological order. On Monday we can piece all this together, and then start planning in your groups.
There are multiple copies of the document below in F6, though it would be useful to type straight into the Word doc.

HITTING DE-NOTES…denoting Britney                                                            

Again, these have been printed off in F6, but it would be useful to actually download + type into this!

To give you an idea of what might come out of all this (once we get time to thoroughly deconstruct not just the video, but the process of making it, you should find you will have learned a great many practical lessons to apply to your actual production), here's how it turned out from some students from Latymer, whose teacher I'll happily credit for inspiring the idea of a Media Music Video Day!

What did you make of this?!

Here's a rough example of the 1st 20secs:
HITTING DE-NOTES…denoting Britneys 1st 9 shots COMPLETED                                                            
[You should have this by now as a handout]

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