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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Most-played tracks last year? ...

Lady Gaga rules airwaves as UK's most played artist
Bad Romance tops year's airplay list, with Alejandro at two and Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind at three 
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga's Bad Romance was the most-played single on UK radio in 2010

y the most played artist on UK radio last year. Bad Romance, the first single from her album The Fame Monster, topped the annual airplay chart compiled by music licensing company PPL.
Lady Gaga, famous for her controversial outfits and flamboyant concert performances, also had the No 3 most played record with Alejandro, another single from the same album. The runner-up spot was taken by Alicia Keys's Empire State of Mind.
The previous year's chart was topped by Lily Allen, who has since retired from the music business citing the pressures of fame. Such a thought is unlikely to trouble Lady Gaga – known as "mother monster" to her fans (who are the "little monsters") – any time soon.
PPL, which collects airplay royalties on behalf of artists and their record companies, generated a record £143.5m last year, up 11% on 2009. Its top 10 chart also includes songs played in bars and restaurants.
"These results are very encouraging especially against the backdrop of very difficult trading conditions for us as well as many of our licensees and the customers," said Fran Nevrkla, the former professional violinist who heads PPL.
The strong performance of PPL – labels and musicians received a record £124m after various costs were deducted – was a ray of light for an embattled music industry.
Global sales of CDs fell by almost $1.5bn last year as digital piracy continued to take its toll.
And last month it emerged that the decade-long rise of live music in the UK, long billed as a saviour of the industry, had run out of steam, with revenues dropping 6.7% in 2010, according to figures from rights body PRS for Music.
In contrast PPL had a solid year, with the biggest growth coming from international revenues, which grew by nearly half to £32m.
PPL is targeting royalties from the US, the world's largest music market, which although lucrative could be massive if the American system of not allowing royalty collection from analogue radio stations is eventually changed.
There was 2% growth in public performance revenue, which broke the £50m mark to account for 35% of all revenues, given the continued decline in the number of pubs and nightclubs in the UK.
The PPL managed to significantly increase its membership last year, with a 13% boost in the number of performers signed up to 47,500 and a 26% rise in record company members to 6,300.

Top 10 most played songs in 2010

1. Lady Gaga Bad Romance
2. Alicia Keys Empire State of Mind
3. Lady Gaga Alejandro
4. Plan B She Said
5. Kylie Minogue All the Lovers
6. Olly Murs Please Don't Let Me Go
7. Ke$ha Tik Tok
8. Florence and the Machine Rabbit Heart
9. Train Hey, Soul Sister
10. Kings of Leon Sex on Fire

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