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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Deathcore vid eg: Suicide Silence

A brief post - SamB posted on this one.

YEAR: 2011
MAIN AUDIENCE: Male, 15-24; extreme metal genre fans

A performance vid with some aspects of narrative tied to the violent lyrics.

I really like some parts of the editing: cutting the singer in downwards motion to match up with the down-tuned aggressive riff works very well to generate a visual sense of kinetic energy to go with the audio.

The violence itself is of a highly postmodern nature: some standard porn-style cliches (busty blond firing a gun) mixed with Daily Mail fantasy of such antisocial folk as the tattooed-metallers of the band getting their comeuppance from decent, hard-working middle-class people, and a mix of young and old taking their turn (commutation test: if it was only young people firing the guns, would this video ever be screened?). Nice line in self-depreciating humour when the vocalist(?) takes his turn ... and falls back, in a very unmanly fashion, with the kickback of the gun.

Its also another example of the common linkage of metal and horror, with the band effectively posited as zombies in this gore-filled vid (think Rob Zombie: metal singer to Halloween-remake director)

Here's a behind-the-scenes vid:

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