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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Feeder's vid from fans' footage + Weezer

I'll let this - and Rob's post, where I came across it! - speak for itself:
[Feeder - Just a Day]

This is another one with a clear postmodern slant, from a band of limited musical ability or appeal who maximised their commercial success with a series of inventive, memorable vids (and getting some tracks used in movie soundtracks) - another I was unfamiliar with, but discovered via, you guessed it, Rob's blog! I won't add much to what Rob has already posted, but simply flag up the features which might provide some ideas: recycling viral memes (reenactments - and even sweding - being a hallmark of our pomo age), performance footage with a twist (highly un-rock lab scientist costumes, absurd use of hoses, alternative location to a fake studio set up), simple diegetic FX (comparable to the diegetic titles employed in films such as Napoleon Dynamite), in this case the writing slowly revealed over the fingers, plus t-shirts.

Its a messy vid but would repay frequent viewings to pick up on all the references/faces contained.
If you want to look at more of their vids, look too at those of Wheatus, a comparable band with one big hit and some memorable, inventive vids (and soundtrack placings) to their name (they've also worked with some of the great music vid directors - look for their names on the F6/Lib director compilations DVDs).
[Weezer - Pork and Beans]

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