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Friday, 25 May 2012

HWK: Learning from mini-vid

This is the 1st of 3 practical exercises this term, each one getting larger in scale and complexity, culminating in the challenge of Music Video Day on July 12th. There are a lot of things you can be reflecting on having completed the first of these, the mini-vid; illustrate each point with examples from your work on/experience of the mini-vid project, including screenshots and perhaps some vodcast/podcast material. You could collaborate on this as a group if you wish.
Consider questions such as:
  • what makes for a good pitch?
  • what are the key steps involved in R+P?
  • if this had been the actual coursework, what would you have to add/improve (look at the assessment criteria) to get good marks for R+P?
  • what can you say now about the roles of cinematographer, director, producer? is it important to have one person taking responsibility for each of these roles?
  • related to the last point, was your shoot well organised?
  • what can/did go wrong on a shoot, and what steps help you overcome such problems (better still, prevent them from happening in the first place!)? 
  • did shoots take more/less time than you estimated?
  • what difference does working with HD as opposed to mini-DV make?
  • is it necessary to stick to a genre you're familiar with to have a good idea?
  • what issues are raised by working within a group?
  • do you think you could manage a full music video production single-handed?
  • what more have you learned about Final Cut Express?
  • how many shots do you now think a good music vid will have for every 30 seconds of screen time?
  • did you shoot each planned shots repeatedly (from different angles)? did you need to shoot more sequences repeatedly to create better shot variation for editing a dynamic video?
  • anything else that occurs to you (eg importance of mise-en-scene and locations; pre-preparing cast with lines + basic direction; having loud portable media player to play track when shooting, dance choreography if relevant etc etc)?

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