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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

UGC FAN-MADE VIDEOS Sepultura use fan vid

I've mentioned this in another (under construction) post, but it merits singling out.
Before I give the actual example, here's what you can learn from this:

  • don't restrict yourself to your preferred genre/s! the odds are that few of you are Sepultura fans, but you can pick up great ideas and examples by looking beyond the obvious (take the Morbid Angel [silent movies?!] or Rammstein [Snow White?!] or Rage Against the Machine [Beach Boys?!] examples...)
  • embrace the random chances that web 2.0 throws up; I came across this only because I scrolled further into a lengthy web page, despite having found the information I was looking for. I didn't know these Brazilian thrashers had commissioned a competition for a fan-made video until I spotted it here! Some of the examples above come from videos I've spotted in e-zine articles I 'subscribe' to through FB
  • when Gillmor writes of the 'former audience', Gauntlett of 'the end of audience studies' and Jenkins of 'convergence culture', these are not hazy ivory tower academics, but active researchers reflecting on clear contemporary trends; you need clear-cut examples to help illustrate such ideas and arguments in the context of the format you're working in
  • examples such as this also help to justify any work you do on viral-style/UGC productions, evidencing that it is a very much real phenomenon
  • could there be a better illustration of the concept of the 'prosumer'?

The actual video, and further details, are below the line...

This example is of a full video commissioned from fans, but we can observe a growing trend of bands embracing fans filming concerts, and putting resulting videos on their own official YouTube channels (rather than serving legal 'takedown' notices). Here Sepultura allow a French video-maker to post live footage from their 2014 tour.

Here's the winner of the fan competition, notably posted on the Nuclear Blast record label YouTube channel...

That's far from the end of their interaction with fans; they're very active on FB (I see their updates), and have used fan tattoos as album artwork!

Lets break this down as an example of how the industry works these days...

The middle links list; music is just a small part of monetising Sepultura, and the fan engagement that helps lead back to this!

The emphasis on merchandise and branded items is clear, as is the extent of social media usage

The blurb...

The top links list

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