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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

DIEGETIC FX Smoke without fire

My enforced broadbandless blogging continues from Pepper's Cafe - 10 days of Wi-Fi only is 240 hours too much... - pertinent as it makes me think of spray...

I can't recommend the NoFilmSchool site enough. The site's name denotes its mission to equip anyone who uses it with the insights needed to produce effective cinematography. My mobile's browser has 15 tabs from this site I want to work through in more detail!

This latest post (I got it through its FB page, a typically slickly run operation) highlights an affordable smoke ... can!

As it happens I was discussing smoke effects with a student today, a topic that came up a year ago in some other country...

The spark on both occasions was The Pixies' Bagboy, an absolutely exquisite use of colour, including coloured smoke.

Of course before shooting with smoke you need to comprehensively consider health and safety (asthma could be an issue for one) and whether this will lead to any staining or odour - and how easy or not it will be to clear!!!

If I remember right this is the 40th anniversary (within a few days) of the fire at a Frank Zappa gig that inspired Smoke on the Water. Could this be the year you incorporate a smoke effect in your video?

Read the article below carefully - this is a complex area. The visual pay-off could be considerable though

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