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Thursday, 5 May 2016

POSTMODERN WEB2.0 Metallicized Star Wars KickStarter

A nigh on perfect example of multiple concepts which I'll cross-post on MusiVidz and BritCinema, convergence being one...

An outfit called Galactic Empire are exemplifying the "former audience" principle behind the more typical, technotopian web 2.0 theorists (Keenan is an atypical exception to note), and taking UGC or fan-made video to the next level...

Star Wars fanatics and Metallica buffs, they've created a version of The Imperial Battle Theme as if played by thrash metal godfathers Metallica, hailing back to their glory days with their final two classic albums (Masters of Puppets and And Justice For All) before the pop darkness of The Black Album (and Lulu?!) descended.

The ultra-viral video features convincing (verisimilitude alert!) Star Wars costumes and even brief stormtrooper, Emperor and Wookie vocals, and Darth Vader heavy breathing on backing vocals. With a spot of Wookie headbanging and moshing.

If I was a producer of the upcoming 3rd Bill and Ted movie I'd write this lot in in the sure knowledge that the franchise's fans would consider that excellent ...

The 'band' (more accurately a wider media collective, with scripting, video concept, VFX et al kept in-house, all tools needed for a decent modern live show - Depeche Mode, with their Anton Corbijn video backdrops being the prime example) have launched a KickStarter to fund an album and tour, the ultimate expression of digital disruption and the rise of fan-made media; that web 2.0 blurring of the traditional audience-producer divide.

And how do I know any of this? Well, May the 4th is apparently International Star Wars Day, a silly idea given serious wings by social media (may the Fourth be with you).

Which is a handy hook for the MetalSucks e-zine in its article on this, which popped up on my FB timeline, read on my smartphone (from which I'm blogging the initial text-only post you're reading): convergence indeed.

There's a lot to learn here about the nature of the music industry and music promotion but equally about film marketing and the very significant role of viral marketing and fan-made media (which obviously overlap in this case). The potential of a music video to boost a movie remains profound.

I've little doubt, BTW, that were Lucas still the owner of the brand, this story would end with a cease and desist copyright infringement lawsuit (what a Jar-Jarring note that would strike ... uh, back....), but it's new big six conglomerate owners are much savvier than that, and must be revelling in such great free marketing.

So, sith tight and luke on as the Galactic Empire strike black magic. I wonder when Eric Clapton will finally release an updated classic of his own (yes, Leila...)

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