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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

SPOTIFY Fans plan 400m streams to pay Nelly $2m tax

Personally I wouldn't fancy hearing it once, but fans of the nose-adorned rapper are pledging to try and play just one of his tracks 400m times to pay his $2.3m tax bill.

So, Nelly takes money out of your pocket twice over - smooth work.

A single fan could achieve the same outcome by streaming in constant repeat for 2076 years...great figures for bringing the streaming debate to life...

And how many times is that? Somewhere between 280m and 403m.

That’s quite a lot of Nelly. Yes it is. Indeed, it was calculated that if one person were to pay off Nelly’s tax debt by themselves, simply by streaming Hot In Herre over and over again and accumulating the microscopic royalty that goes with each stream, it would take 2,076 years to settle the debt.

Nelly fans hope to pay his taxes – by repeatedly playing Hot In Herre on Spotify

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