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Sunday, 15 January 2012

MAG AD: dimensions

Conor asks: 'Sir, regarding the magazine adverts, what are the dimensions it needs to be? e.g does it have to be a full A4 page or can it be a smaller (but with the same information on it) such as the Charlie Simpson photo attached? It's just that I've taken some photos for the backdrop and put some great filters on them, but they can't be maximised much without the quality been drastically reduced.'

Answer: Ideally, dimensions to fit accurately the mag you're placing it in; and remember there are full page, 1/2 page etc ads (each carrying different prices - most mags contain details or contact details to find out, as ads, NOT cover prices, form the bulk of the publisher's income in most cases. Some groups last year produced a variety of ads, citing different page sizes for different ads. To show awareness of aud + institution you MUST be specific on which mag/s; where in them + what size; why (and price detail would be a good touch)

Look to last year's blogs for good examples 
So long as proportion/shape are accurate, at a push you can include ads that are scaled down - tho' again think about selling it as a half or 1/4 page ad. There's no need to print these off - so long as they look good embedded on screen thats the main thing

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