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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Does Eval have to be all vids?/R+P points

final additional word on this, April 14th:
look closely at the actual assessment criteria, and my comments on each of these. whatever mark I give I have to justify with reference to EVERY assessment criteria. As I state below, the lack of explicit research into audience (TgtAud) (suitability of your presumed core audience especially) is evident, so create some short filmed evidence NOW. This is also an easy topic (along with genre) for drawing in and applying theories which will help with exam Q1b work - and marks for Communication skills. On organisation, far too often there's nothing more than 'they/it were convenient'; no attempt to tie to conventions or aud expectations, or evidence your creative input/manipulation of resources. most of you generally fail to refer back to your research into SimProds when posting on ideas/planning/RCuts/feedback, rendering it artificial, and making it hard to say your work is excellent because its not applied. far too few quality summaries of (1) format (2) genre conventions with specific egs for each point. Lot of great posts on individual vids BUT lacks explicit reflection: end such posts with 1 or points (with diff font etc) on 'potential influence/s on my ideas/work', something on those lines (and maybe 'key conventions in this vid'). lot of good drafting but lack of call sheets/shot lists + detailed storyboards also losing marks. Time management needs clear evidence of schedule, and re-thinking schedule when events cause issues - for this, and basically every major point, a summary post reflecting on how you've done/handled certain aspects, will help your cause (+ is basically Eval drafting!). You need to make sure post dates relfect any points you make on this. Level of care in presentation needs user-friendly post titles; good post layout (using font/colour/size etc to differentiate quotes/sub-headings etc); extensive + consistent illustrations to support points made, including captions for pics; NO posts to be without some text to provide context/discussion/reflection; equally never discuss a draft/RCut without embedding or hyperlinking it; generally use words for hyperlinks; make sure company blog is presented as such. Links lists help here, ditto logical post order. Obvious lack of basic proofreading means many of you copy/paste others' posts + don't bother to change font col/size where needed. Lots of random/excessive blank space. UseICT means multimedia. Links lists + gadgets. Pod/vodcasts. Use of FB/Twitter/YouTube. Captioned pics. Frequent hyperlinks within posts (including often - espec in any summary posts - 'find out more'/'further reading' links [rem, u can copy/paste your own links lists]). BUT for exc, it means some more sophisticated use of video especially: vodcasts where you've edited in pics/clips, used titles etc. If you've used a QR code, put that up in your gadgets. ----- Much of this links very naturally into your Evals, as I've stressed all year.

Couple of you have emailed asking if every Eval post has to be vid only.
Simple answer is no - and use the guide posts on this blog!!!
An e.g. of a copied post with colour fill - unreadable.
Note I haven't plonked this pic at bottom of post...
and so haven't created needless blank space.
There should be some unique vid content for each post, but there's also podcast, text with multimedia, YouTube annotations, Prezis, even embedded Word docs where you put an image (say ad, or vid shot...) central to a page and use arrows/text boxes to provide analysis. You'll find egs of most of these linked through the blog posts (past students' answers).
Few of you have really used video well/frequently for audience feedback, something that seems to have gotten lost from last year - you can/should still do this (e.g. for feedback on how well package works together). Camera quality is irrelevant, just so long as you can upload/edit at home and/or F6 (.mp4 files are generally what you want for iMovie/Final Cut). If you have your own Mac you can get a free 30-day trial of Final Cut Pro X. If its a PC you can find other trial software to do simple editing.
And do try to have 1 or more vid thats a little bit ... quirky!

I've updated Q4 guide again this morning; as I'm getting through feedback on all cwk I keep tweaking these to reflect points I'm making on individual blogs.
Just starting on R+Ps, but its already clear the issues are the same ones I've been highlighting for many months:
  • lack of credible, detailed summaries of (1) format + (2) genre conventions (for each of the 3 text types)
  • you're not referring back to all this research/learning when posting about ideas, planning, r.cuts, feedback etc - which suggests you didn't actually learn anything. simple lesson: use the points raised in these posts; recycle the screenshots your earlier posts should be stacked with (and you need for Eval Qs)
  • Take a little time to re-read these sample analyses posts; end each post with a little on how you might be influenced (use a sub-heading at the bottom of any such post: POSSIBLE INFLUENCES/LESSONS LEARNT [so also key points the vid teaches you about conventions]) - even if its how not to do something, or a style of representation you're opposed to
  • insufficient consideration of target audienceS, and lack of reference to this in posts on planning/filming/rough cuts etc (same with lack of references to your research in these posts: your Q1 discussion on conventions are made insincere without this)
  • lack of screenshots/vids of work done generally: vids embedded but points made about aspects of individual vids NOT supported with specific illustrations; edits discussed but no screenshots of how  changes made or before/after clips; YouTube annotation tool not being used; audience feedback not evidenced thru vids - and this includes initial research into appropriateness of stated target aud: look at the egs I've linked from last year/my guide posts for ideas (Kyle does well here: look at how his posts [eg: on Shakira vid] give captioned SSs and timings which will enable further SSs to be easily accessed)
what have you done to get marks for 'organisation of actors, locations, costumes, props'? Think through what evidence you have/can add; create a links list when done improving/adding on this – remember, you can still do simple vodcasts (inserted into past posts/appropriate dates) with phone camera or whatever just so long as you can upload/edit it. Is there video of you discussing costume, including points on audience (gaze?) + vids you've analysed/conventions? If talking about locations, do you explicitly refer to conventions/examples? Have you evidenced your directing cast, or a rehearsal? Could you organise any of this NOW???
  • lack of links lists to help an examiner see immediately what work has been done relevant to each assessment criteria (don't be crude and quote the wording of these, but make it easy to see what its linking to)
  • lots of posts with unhelpful or misleading titles
  • lots of posts with vids/pics but no text - you always need to give some context/detail/reflection
  • obvious lack of simple proofreading: orphaned pics, extraneous blank space, broken links etc
  • quotations not clearly distinguished by indenting/changing font; actual source often not given ('Wiki' is NOT a precise source: must be actual URL, or book reference). follow the style I use
  • company blogs not used to any great extent; copying someone else's post and ignoring the font colouring being wrong for your blog, or ignoring background fill colours which there's almost zero good reason to ever use on a blog
  • post dates not weaker to create logical flow - there are often posts done at a late stage which should replace earlier, poor posts but these haven't been edited
  • there's even quite a few blogs where there's been seemingly random sharing of some but not all posts
  • Posts on directors are only useful if you directly comment – we hear YOUR voice/opinion. Need some evidence you actually looked at some vids by that dir (even if just brief points!) AND final comments on what influences/lessons YOU might take from this dir (just as with posts on examples)
  • This is a key point in general: try to keep expressing YOUR views, YOUR voice; how texts/directors/aspects (eg rep’n of women) you’ve looked at might influence your work – what you dis/like from what you’ve seen

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