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Monday, 18 January 2016

REPRESENTATION play gender bingo with Britney, Miley + coupla Daves

Heteronormative, objectifying; male gaze of Axl Rose?
Below: a playlist of various videos which are useful to demonstrate or at least discuss a range of gender representation terms and concepts. As the two fields are so interwoven, terms on sexuality are also included. Task instructions are also included.

There is much more you can discover beyond the short, sharp snapshot of this selection and task.
Judith Butler;
Guns n Roses;
Lady Gaga;
Katy Perry;
Depeche Mode;
(post) hetero-normativity;
(post) Miley: feminist or post-feminist?;
Is there a better example of misogyny? Read post here.

You will have a Word doc with track titles, a list of terms, and a little space to write in the denotative detail to back up your analysis.
As you consider these, be mindful of Stuart Hall's theory of readings and the general semiotic concept of polysemy ... Terms can be applied to more than one video, and contradictory labels might be applied where there is contradictory evidence or scope for debate. 
Self-objectifying or postmodern deconstructionism? Its the non-ironic pimp role of Snoop that anchors the former...

Vernallis would argue that the visuals are utterly secondary to the music ... be mindful of the lyrics ...

Your follow up task will be to pick up to three images currently accessible through your blog and to use these to discuss, using some of the terms listed, how you've sought to control and shape your representation of gender. Each of you will have about 1 minute to present your findings through your own blogs (post title: REPRESENTATIONS - initial thoughts on my choices).
Martin Gore drags up in Depeche Mode's Suffer Well; metrosexuality?

Beyond the lesson you can use tags on this blog and your own wider knowledge to build a wider, more detailed picture of representation - using examples of existing videos in any discussion of your own representations. Its worth considering videos you've already blogged on as part of your research too.


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